Louisiana Food Stamps

The Louisiana Food Stamps program is a program that helps individuals on low incomes who meet requirements for the program would help purchasing nutritional foods for themselves and their families. In order to receive the Louisiana food stamps you must fill out and submit an application to your local OFS office

Where to Apply

In order to apply you should first start by downloading and printing an application form can be downloaded here after you download and print the form go ahead and fill out a completely as possible. By providing all the necessary information the first time, that will allow your application to be approved more rapidly. Once you’re done with the application return to your nearest Office of Family Support Family Assistance Office. You can click here to find the nearest office.

After applying

Once your application is received you will be assigned a case worker this worker will be in charge of determining if you qualify for benefits and how much benefits. Once a decision is made a few are eligible or not you will receive a letter in the mail stating that decision.

How Much Will I receive?

The amount that you will be approved for all depends on your situation. Income and how many people in your household will determine your benefits based on the payment chart set by the program. Benefits amounts can range anywhere from $170 to $1000.

How do I purchase food?

Once you get approved you will then receive a plastic card resembling a credit. You can use it’s just like a debit card to make food purchases anywhere in Louisiana food stamps are accepted.

More information?

If you would like more information regarding Louisiana food stamps make sure that you sign up on this page. That will assure that you get any up to date the Louisiana food stamps information and get helpful tips.

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